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Car Washing Detailing Polishing and Paint Protection Solutions

Should I wash or Detail my Car? It’s the question we get asked all the time..

Fact is, do the research yourself and you’ll discover you should do both (not at the same time of course). Because a well maintained, cared for car will attract a much higher price when it comes time to Sell.

Sure, a good Pre Sale Detail will go a long way toward helping at this (last minute) time, but it won’t recover or repair all the damage and excess wear that has been caused due to poor or improper care and maintenance.

We see it all the time when we are helping people to prepare and sell their car. We work with Buyers, Sellers and Dealers who will all tell you the same thing – 2 identical cars side by side (lets say 3-5years old) where one has been regularly cleaned and well cared for and the other, well, you know the story.. The net effect is often $1000’s and $1000’s of dollars difference in the resale value.

In one recent example, we recorded a difference (reduction) of almost $20,000 in a sale price due to a cars poor condition, directly against a similar car that had been well cared for (by us as it happens) and garaged for most of it’s 4year life.

Some people think they can’t afford to pay for regular (good quality) car washing and half yearly or even annual detailing, but, can you afford Not to.. The cost is often far greater when it comes time to sell..

And if you’re like many of us, a bit time poor, then organise or book in a mobile car wash or detailing service that comes to you. Leaving you free to get on with other things. Be that work or play..

When it comes time to sell and you need a pre sale detail one, you’ll not only save yourself some money (due to less work and paint correction required), you’ll also make a bundle more on your sale price.

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