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Pre Sale Car Detailing in Sydney Packages

Preparing your car for sale often means much more than just a wash and locating the paperwork. You need to consider the type of car you have, it’s age and condition, the number of similar cars available for sale, where to market your car and then of course, what price and where to list your car when advertising it for sale. Generally, this all requires time and is only the beginning.

You need to clean and (often) detail your car to ensure it’s more appealing to those who will be looking at and comparing it to other similar cars for sale. You also to need to take some good pics (Photograph it) and then write some blurb (ad copy) that you can use to describe your car in such a way, you will attract more people to your ad and ultimately, get them to call you to ask questions with the intent of arranging a time to come and inspect your car. Sound easy enough?

Now, after waiting around for someone to show up to look at your car, how best do you handle the inspection process, the “test drive?” (if you’re comfortable allowing this) and then the big one, the negotiations (without all the emotion or attachment to the outcome) to ensure you get a fair and reasonable price (a win win).

Of course, if this all sounds too daunting, there is an easier way.. You could just drive in to you local car dealer, give them the keys and take whatever price $ they will offer you for your car OR, you could also call Wow Wash Mobile Car Detailing.

“It’s often about finding the right balance of investing time and money for the greatest return on the sale of your vehicle”. Having prepared and assisted in the sale of 100’s of vehicles, we have a fairly good idea of what works and what doesn’t, and, How to get the most for your car when selling it privately..

More than just a clean car, we present you with a showroom prepared vehicle, ready for potential buyers to inspect. Making it much easier to sell yours’ ahead of the competition.

Then, for those of you with limited time, or who are less savvy and technical, Wow Wash will even take and prepare all the pics, create the advertisements and will even handle all the inquiries – to sort out the genuine buyers from all the scammers and low ball offers. Thereby, simplifying the entire process while maximising your’ return on the sale of your vehicle.

Head over here to view a few recent examples of Vehicles Detailed, Photographed and listed for sale by Wow Wash Mobile Car Detailing.

We all know how inconvenient it can be to sell your vehicle, between the dealerships extremely low offers and having to organise meeting up with potential buyers in your already busy schedule only to end up selling your vehicle for less than its worth. Here at WOW with our pre sale car detailing now available in Sydney, it’s our primary goal to make sure you get absolute top dollar for your vehicle whilst ensuring an easy non painful experience for you. With years of experience in selling cars and pre-sale car detailing WOW has developed a proven successful system which is guaranteed to get you the right amount of money for your car. We know exactly what potential buyers look for in a car and we know how to best present your vehicle for sale.

Take a look at our great packages below and get a great deal on pre-sale car detailing in Sydney. We offer everything from a full Quality Pre Sale Car Detail to a complete package with Full advertising and inquiry management. All packages include Professional Pics/ Photographs and a comprehensive vehicle evaluation report. This report lists the expected price (range) you can obtain for your vehicle be it via a dealer and or via marketing and selling it privately, to help you obtain the maximum possible price for your vehicle.


Small 2dr Car
*Med Car
Med  Car
Sml Wagon
Medium 4WD
Large 4WD People Mover
Silver Package

  • Pre-Sale Detail
  • 5x Professional Photographs
  • Car Evaluation Certificate
$360 $390 $440 $POA
Gold Package

  • Pre-Sale Detail
  • 10x Professional Photographs
  • Car Evaluation Certificate
  • Online Advertising
$460 $490 $540 $590
Platinum Package

  • Pre-sale detail
  • 15x Professional Photographs
  • Car Evaluation Certificate
  • Online Advertising
  • Ad Maintenance
  • Enquiry Management


$695 $770 $790 $890

*Med Car denotes Medium size car (4cyl – Hatch etc) in good condition usually <5 years old


Pre sale detail

Pre-sale detail is a full all over detail that puts extra focus on what the customer is going to look at, a pre-sale detail includes Removal of bugs and tar along with an additional hand polish to remove oxidation, light marks and revive the original paint colour, leaving a high grade wax finish. The inside detail includes a shampoo with pre-treatment for stains or a leather deep clean and condition. With this level of detail, your car will be transformed and a lot more attractive to both you and prospective buyers.



Professional Photographs

Photographs are one of the most important assets of any successful sale, good photos capture the searchers attention and create interest in the ad. After much surveying and research the staff at wow wash know exactly what photos potential buyers look for when browsing for their future car and it has been proven that a potential buyer is three times more likely to buy a vehicle that stands out visually.



Car Evaluation Certificate

Evaluation certificates are a guide to what a vehicle is worth, at wow all our evaluation certificates are produced for your car personally, we will do a full inspection and give you a professional evaluation certificate with your cars approximate value.




The most important part of selling your car is advertising, Wow has experts who manage and create ads all over the internet in the highest traffic sites in your location ensuring your ad gets the very best exposure. Our team will consult the seller once the ad is created for their approval. Our friendly team offer constant support through the process.



Enquiry Management

Wow wash manage all the enquiries about your ads sorting out the genuine enquiries and then organising with the seller to arrange an appointment for the seller to present the car. The sellers private contact details remain confidential as Wow wash handle all the contacts.


Do not lose thousands of dollars through dealers, contact us now, we have saved customers thousands of dollars!


*Prices Listed Are Not Including GST



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