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1/ Superior Wash

Exterior wash & wax, interior vacuum, clean (dust/ wipe down) – $39 (RRP $99)
This is a 30-40min Service carried out onsite at your home or office.


2/ (A) Mini/ refresher Detail

Refresher detailing for cars <2yrs old or detailed within 1yr – $99 (RRP $225)
This is a comprehensive clean of the vehicle requiring up to 2 hours. In addition to the Superior Wash Service, this also includes; Wiping down all door jambs/ shuts, trims, console, drink holders, dashboard and instrument panel. (A professional clean of the hard-to-reach areas)

2/ (B) Exterior Plus Detail

Restoring the Natural Shine of your Cars Paintwork – $99 (RRP $235)
A service for the exterior of your car that starts with a safe hand wash followed by a full Clay Bar treatment to remove any built up grime and particles trapped in or under the paint. This treatment restores that soft, smooth and silky feeling of the paint and prepares it for a super fine machine polish, to remove most if not all of the light swirls and fine scratches that come from poor quality washing, car washes and other abrasive materials. This treatment will have your car looking like a gleaming coloured mirror!


Full Detailing

Showroom Plus detailing for cars needing more attention and time (cars 3-10 years old) – $149 (RRP $345)
If your car is getting a little older and hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned or detailed in the past few years, then you’ll need (and love) this service. It’s a complete detail for your vehicle inside and out. The outside detail includes a deep paint cleanse with an additional hand polish to remove oxidation, light marks and revive the original paint colour, leaving a high grade wax finish. The inside detail also includes a commercial shampoo (or leather clean and condition).


Bookings are essential;
Enter and submit your details below and we’ll respond within 4 business hours. (If your requested time/s are not available, we’ll offer you at least 2 alternate times). Please allow up to 10days to book in during peak times.

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Sunday, February 18th 2018


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Please Note; Additional Fees & Charges will Apply for extra dirty vehicles and or that have sand, pet hair, spills, goo, gum and or require sticker removal.

Pre Sale Detail done in Sydney by Wow Wash Mobile Car Detailing

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