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WOW Wash is a professional boat detailing and washing company that offers a mobile service for customers.

Whether your requirement is to make your boat shine again whilst preparing it for sale, to transform it after a coupe of years usage back to a pristine condition or to keep it looking great with a regular wash and wax, we can help you.

With the benefit of us visiting and caring for your boat, your time will be your own to enjoy the water with family and friends. Our mobile units are fully equipped with everything needed to completely wash or detail your boat and because we are self contained, we can wash virtually anywhere, leaving no mess or waste &– just a sparkling boat.

We only use the highest quality marine detailing products in all our services, as these provide spectacular results and offer a longer-lasting finish compared to the harsh, cheaper chemicals used by some companies.

With a view on the environment and trying to save our precious natural resources WOW Wash can wash parts of boats without water. Unlike some ‘waterless’ wash products or services; our exclusive cleaning products are completely safe and have produced professional results on hundreds of boats.

These waterless washing solutions encapsulate dirt particles, lifting them safely away from the gel coat or paint surface, ready for specialist super soft cloths to remove them. A layer of light wax is left behind and this is buffed by a second cloth to produce a fantastic shine. Your gel coat now has a protective coating and will stay cleaner for longer, as the dirt will find it hard to stick, perfect for topsides or saloon areas.

The quality regular wash and wax will keep you boat looking good for longer but if you are looking for a transformation or to get your boat ready for the season or sale, that is just the start of the process. With machine buffing and polishing, interior shampoo, leather conditioning, glass cleaning, high grade waxing and many other options available as part of our boat detailing services, we can make your boat look great again.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers, saving them time and money, while helping the environment; providing the WOW factor!

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